Tell us something we don’t know

Rand Paul has come up with the startling revelation that Donald Trump isn’t a conservative. Well, no kidding. Anyone who has followed GOP politics knows Donald Trump isn’t a conservative. To my knowledge, Trump has never claimed to be a conservative — conservative on some issues, yes, but certainly not across the board. Those of us who support Trump don’t make the case he is a conservative. We are under no allusion. So everyone who claims Trump isn’t a conservative is telling us something we already acknowledge.

So why would a conservative support Donald Trump? I have answered this before, but I’ll restate it here. Donald Trump loves America. He refuses to accept “the new norm” under Obama, where we are told we have to embrace a stagnant economy and high unemployment as the way things are now. Americans are used to winning, not being shoved around by Third World dictators. Trump is used to winning. He gets results. He does not back down from criticism. He does not apologize for offending anyone. These are all traits we have been longing for.

Rand Paul: Trump Is Not a True Conservative
Fox News

Rand Paul said he doesn’t believe his opponent, Donald Trump, is a true conservative. Read the full story


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