Explaining gun control to liberals

I’m not so naive to believe this is going to have any effect. Liberals are pro-gun control and no amount of facts and logic can ever change that. I may as well be writing this in Greek.

The recent school shooting in Oregon has once again ratcheted up demands for gun control. Every mass shooting does. What’s ironic is that these shootings always take place in gun-free zones (i.e., a place where they practice gun control). Wait, a shooting took place in a gun-free zone? But I thought “gun-free” meant no guns. Yes, I know, it’s a real head-scratcher. Anyway, it defies logic that the left’s response to mass shootings in gun-free zones is to expand gun-free zones, but that’s what they come up with. Go figure.

There are basically three types of people who own guns in this country: law-abiding citizens, criminals, and government/law enforcement. Gun control would effectively take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, which is the one group of gun owners you’ve never had to worry about. That leaves the other two groups. You’re angry with law enforcement for what you perceive as the wanton shooting of young black men in urban areas. (Hands up, don’t shoot!) They will get to keep their guns. As for criminals? They’ll keep their guns. They’re criminals, after all. They’ll still be shooting up gun-free zones. So rather than solving the problem of mass shootings, you’ve just made it worse. You will have turned us all into Chicago. (And you’ll blame the Republicans for it.)

Speaking of Chicago, why do you never express outrage over the (mostly black-on-black) shootings in Chicago? I mean, they have gun control there, do they not? Look up the numbers. It will astound you. Or maybe not. You see, I’m not convinced you have a problem will killing. Seriously. You have no problem with Planned Parenthood aborting the unborn and selling off the body parts for profit. You have no problem with Obama’s deal with the Iranians, which will allow them to develop their own nuclear weapons. Iran has also promised to eliminate Israel, so there’s that.

I think your real motive for demanding gun control is your motive for pretty much the rest of your political agenda: stripping Americans of as much of their individual liberty as you can get away with. (After all, the Second Amendment makes all the others possible. So how cool would it be to get rid of the Second Amemdmemt?) Otherwise, urban crime would bother you as much as school shootings. But you cherry-pick your outrage. That’s why I can never take you seriously.

By the way, did you know the Oregon shooter was targeting Christians. No? These shooters hardly ever fit your mold. You always want so badly for them to be Tea Party activists who listen to Rush Limbaugh and watch Fox News. But they never are.


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