The “new” Confederate flag?

A radio station out of New York City has commissioned a new Confederate flag for us Southerners to fly in place of the old one that is, you know, a symbol of slavery and racism.

In the heated debate surrounding the Confederate Flag, the defense offered by many has been that the symbol isn’t representative of a culture built on slavery and racism but is, instead, a banner representing that Southerners are simply proud of their home, their people and their culture.

“What other symbol immediately lets the world know you are from the South?” they argue.

To tackle the problem, Studio 360, a national public radio program, commissioned a Texas-based design firm to design a new flag to represent the modern South. With a diverse team of designers with ties to both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, 70kft embraced the challenge with an understanding of the importance of their task.

And this is what they expect us to fly:

It looks like something you’d see at the Olympics or the United Nations. When I see this, I don’t think of the South. Not at all. I don’t know if they think they’re doing us Southerners a favor by helping us get rid of the rebel flag, but the more the politically correct crowd takes shots at the Confederate flag, the more pushback they are going to get from Southerners. As I’ve written here before, I have never been particular beholden to the rebel flag. It’s never meant that much to me. It’s a symbol of a bygone era, but it is part of our history, for better or for worse, and I’d much rather see it flown than anything the left approves of. 



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