The Bible tells us so

Liberals are so funny when they quote Scripture. Granted, they really don’t believe Scripture. (If they did, they wouldn’t support abortion rights or same-sex marriage.) But they do occasionally break out the scrolls to attempt to justify their policies. Now, conservatives can never get away with this. When conservatives attempt to justify policy with Scripture, we are told to stop mixing religion and politics, or to stop trying to force our religion onto everyone else, or that you can’t legislate morality, or that we’re trying to establish a theocracy, etc. But liberals are allowed, in their own bumbling way, to justify their policies as though it were the word of God. You see, they have for decades sought to have liberalism codified as science, and so why not have liberalism codified as Biblical, as well? John Kerry (served in Vietnam) is the latest to convince us that God Himself has gone green.

And let me tell you, there is nothing uniquely liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, American or foreign about wanting to preserve the health of our planet. And all you have to do is read the scriptures to understand that. We are all affected because we all share the same fragile home.

And you thought there was separation of church and state. Well, there is if you want to pray before a high school football game, or post the Ten Commandments in the courthouse, or put up a nativity scene in front of city hall, but if you want to enact public policy that would plunder the economy by siphoning off literally trillions of taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist, well, you are perfectly within your right to use Scripture.

Also, Secretary Kerry (served in Vietnam), like any good liberal, has declared the debate on climate change over. And I thought we had the right to disagree and debate. The truth is, the debate is over, but not because manmade climate change is fact. It’s over because global warming is a demonstrable hoax, and it’s really not even a scientific issue at all, but a political one. Indeed, they have declared the debate over because they don’t want to debate. They can’t, because factual analysis and logic destroy their argument. Liberals cannot compete in the arena of ideas, so they have to resort to heavy-handedness to get their way. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

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