Liberalism and the rule of law

In the past, I have attempted to explain the difference between liberals and conservatives by noting that liberals believe in empowering government at the expense of individual liberty, whereas conservatives prescribe to a limited form of government that fully recognizes the autonomy of the individual. I still believe that, because it happens to be true, but I have come to understand an even deeper split in characteristics. Conservatives respect the rule of law whereas liberals subvert the rule of law. For example, the U.S. Constitution is built upon natural law, which guarantees an individual’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Liberalism attempts to subvert all three. This is why the left routinely flaunts the Constitution and the rule of law in favor of despotism, godlessness, and socialism. Those of us who value individual liberty aren’t just up against those who hold different political views, but who would, if given no opposition, make us all subjects of the state with them in charge (Exhibit A: the USSR).


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