Socialism is not charity

Every once-in-a-while, you will hear a liberal Democrat (or liberal Republican) attempt to justify government transfer-of-wealth programs by equating them to charity, claiming that we have an obligation as a society to help the least of these. It’s one of the ways the left attempts to codify its political agenda as Biblical. Except there’s no truth in it.

The Bible is very explicit about our obligation to help those who have need. There are many examples of Christ’s teaching on charity, and examples of early Christians selling what they had and giving to the poor (the church in Acts, for one). In every case, it is explicitly clear that the act of charity is a voluntary deed, where an individual, without coercion, gives of his own resources to meet the needs of another. In no instance does the Bible deputize other individuals or governments to confiscate the wealth of person A and pass it along to person B. In order to constitute as charity, it must be willing and voluntary. The Bible never says to go and take from him who has much and give it to him who has little.

Taxes and charity are not the same thing. If you recall, when a group of Pharisees asked Christ whether it was lawful for the Jewish people to pay taxes to Caesar, Christ instructed them to render unto Caesar the things that were Caesar’s, and to God the things that were God’s. Taxes are taxes and charity is charity. The two should never be commingled.

The left has done a very effective (albeit disingenuous) job of portraying their (profoundly wasteful) transfer-of-wealth programs as compassionate and charitable. But there is nothing compassionate or charitable about the left’s agenda. Make no mistake, the left does not care about the poor. They only want their votes, which they buy with other people’s money. Since the “War on Poverty” was begun fifty years ago, the U.S. government has confiscated the wealth of Americans past, present, and future that is in proportion to our staggering $18T national debt. And yet, the poverty rate during these five decades of “charity” and “compassion” has remained effectively unchanged. It’s an incredible price tag for zero results. But that’s liberalism. It’s awfully expensive and the only ones who benefit are the ruling class.

Know this: whenever you hear a leftist attempt to use the Bible to justify a political agenda, you can be sure that a) the Bible is being misinterpreted, and b) the political agenda consists of bigger government and higher taxes.


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