The unspoken and often overlooked sin of Christianity (James 4:13-17) 

The moment we take Christ as our Savior, we are ushered into spiritual warfare. Paul in these verses addresses the way people were living. It has to do with making and counting on plans for the future without relying on God. God does not guarantee us another day. There are far too many believers who do not seek God’s direction for their lives.

1. Excluding God from our plans always proves disastrous. When we attempt to fix our own problems we tend to make them worse. God wants to guide our path. He directs us from Scripture. Do not be like those in the book of James. God will let us choose our own way, but we don’t get to choose the consequences. We don’t know how much life is left in us. After life comes the judgment. Then God will ask us, “For what is your life?” Our life is just a vapor. Our time on earth is minuscule in light of eternity.

2. The greatest reality of life is just how short it is. Every one of us has been affected by the reality of death. Instead of relying on our own plans, which counts as boasting, we should always preface with, “As the Lord wills.” Indeed, boasting how we are going to live our lives (without God) is considered evil. It is a sin to know what is good and not do it. And it is a sin against God to waste our time.

3. The unspoken and overlooked sin if Christianity is wasting our time. Our time must be wisely managed. We do not get wasted time back. It is gone forever. And yet our time is a gift from God.


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