November baseball

Tonight begins the World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. Unless one team sweeps the other in four games, the Fall Classic will spill over into Novemver. As much as I love baseball, it is not meant for the month of November.

Before 1969, the World Series was played in early October. In those days, there were no divisions, and the American League champion and National League champion went right to the World Series after the conclusion of the regular season.

In 1969, the two leagues split into two divisions each, and added a best-of-five league championship series to determine who would play in the World Series. This pushed the fall classic into the middle of November.

In 1985, league championship series was lengthened to best-of-seven, thus adding a couple more days to the playoffs.

In 1995, each league added a third division, and two wild card teams were also added to the playoffs, which necessitated another layer of playoffs: a best-of-five division series, which pushed the World Series into late October.

In 2012, baseball added two more wild card teams, necessitating a wild-card game in each league prior to the division series, which adds another couple of days to the playoffs, so now we’re at the point that the World Series will be played into November.

Honestly, I’d rather see Major League Baseball start in late March than carry into November. After all, college baseball begins in February, high school baseball begins in February or March, and so there’s nothing wrong with MLB starting its season prior to April 1 in order to ensure an October finish.


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