Party of the people?

Democrats have long touted themselves as the party of the people and the GOP as the party of the rich. I don’t know if that was ever true, but it’s certainly not true now. For some reason, Democrats are judged solely by what they say, never by what they do. While they pretend to advocate for the poor and downtrodden, Democrat politicians are obsessed with money and wealth. Take the Clintons, for example. They have become famously wealthy since leaving office, which is fine by itself. I don’t begrudge wealthy people their wealth. What I do begrudge is the “I feel your pain” mantra they attempt to portray. Please, spare me. They no more feel the pain of the weak and needy than any of the social elites with whom they mingle. I’m not saying your average Republican is more “in touch” with the masses than Democrats, but don’t believe for a minute that Democrats are the party of the people. They are the party primarily of the rich donor class. They publicly denounce the rich as not paying their fair share, but privately they take their money while coveting those with wealth.

Hillary’s ‘everyday Americans’ base is questioned as ZIP codes at the top of her donor list are among America’s richest

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