Taking stock at the end of October

Reading: “A History of the Civil War, 1861-1865” by James Ford Rhodes and “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson

Running: Generally every other day (15-17 miles per week)

Enjoying: Autumn, my favorite season

Needing: New running shoes in another month or so

Listening: Songs in my catalog I haven’t listened to in a long time

Counting: All my blessings, which are quite numerous

Hoping: A herd of stray goats will come and eat my yard so I won’t have to mow that one last time

Asking: “Why are little ones born only to suffer?” (a line from Rush’s song “Roll the Bones”)

Anticipating: The November 20 release of “R40 Live” by Rush

Avoiding: Complainers, troublemakers, excessive talkers, drama kings/queens

Aging: One day at a time

Embracing: Introversion

Eating: More or less whatever I want (I do burn calories)

Impressed: Wilson Central High School

Thankful: My family and the handful of close friends I keep (you know who you are)


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