You asked for it, Republicans

I didn’t watch Wednesday night’s GOP debate, opting instead to watch the World Series. I’m just now getting around to listening to Thursday’s Rush Limbaugh Show, where he covered the debate extensively. The bias on CNBC was over the top. The moderators made no attempt to conceal their contempt for Republicans, nor the fact that they are actively campaigning for the Democrat Party. There was no pretense of objectivity. The objective of CNBC wasn’t to discuss issues, but to destroy Republicans. I applaud Senator Cruz and Marco Rubio for ripping into the moderators, to the exuberant delight of the audience, but…

You asked for it, Republicans. You do this every election cycle. You agree to let mainstream media figures moderate your debates. To my knowledge, you never insist on having someone friendly to the GOP serve as moderator. The mainstream media are not your friends. Some are better at concealing their bias than others, but they all have as their objective electing Democrats. In allowing the mainstream press to moderate your debates, you are effectively letting the Democrat Party — the enemy — run your show. You never learn. You never insist on anything else. And so you got what you had coming to you Wednesday night. Maybe someday you’ll learn and start doing things differently, because it doesn’t have to be this way. But I doubt it.


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