Liberals do weird things

“I don’t win or gain a thing by turning people to my point of view if I’m lying to ’em, ’cause it isn’t gonna hold. You [liberals] gotta stop this projection business. I don’t have to lie talking about you. You people are weird. You do strange things.” — Rush Limbaugh on yesterday’s show

A measure was on the ballot in Houston, Texas on Tuesday that would have allowed, among many things,  persons with biological male bodies who identify as women to use women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-specific facilities, without having legally changed their names or undergone surgery or hormone treatment.

Is it so hard for the left to recognize such a measure would open the door for male predators to say they feel like a woman so they can have access to, for lack of a better phrase, the girl’s room? Do the self-proclaimed protectors of women’s rights not understand such a measure would put women and girls at risk? Leave it to conservatives, who the left will tell you are waging a war on women, to swoop down once again and save the day.

Fortunately, there are enough people in Houston with common sense that the measure did not pass. As a result, gay BLT activists are calling for a boycott of Houtson’s economy and are even asking the NFL to move the 2017 Super Bowl that is to be held in Houtson. This is what liberals do when the democratic process doesn’t go their way.

Don’t expect the left to accept defeat and lay down their arms. They’ll continue to try and force their strangeness on the rest of us by next courting the court system and bypass the democratic process altogether, since they cannot win in the arena of ideas.


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