Teachable moments

Yesterday morning my wife watched Obama’s press conference during which he addressed the Paris attack. I didn’t watch. I didn’t have to. So my wife asked me when I thought Obama would wake up and realize what’s going on with the Syrian refugees.

“He’s fully awake, dear,” I assured her. “He knows exactly what’s going on. You have to realize he has Muslim sympathies and what he wants is opposite of what the rest of us want.”

It’s hard to believe that an American president would deliberately work against the interests of his own nation, but that’s Obama. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, because we don’t want to believe that about our president. We’d rather assume maybe he doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, and when he does, he’ll put a stop to it. But I assure you, President Obama knows exactly what’s going on.

While we were watching basketball last evening (Grizzlies won!), my 18-year-old asked me point-blank, “Why are we letting Syrians into the country?” He understands terrorists come from that region and that some could (and may have already) slipped in with the refugees. (At least one of the Paris terrorists had a Syrian passport.)

“Because,” I told him. “Obama is a Democrat, and this is what Democrats do. That’s why you should never vote for a Democrat.”


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