Troubles will come and troubles will go (James 5:9-11)

The closer we get to the coming of Jesus Christ we ought to become more passionate and faithful toward Christ. This is how we should live. Of primary importance is that we Christians get along with one another. It’s unity when we are together that makes for proper fellowship.

1. Believers must unite and leave judgement to God. We cannot let petty differences divide us. Satan finds it hard to destroy a unified church. So he will corrupt believers individually. Likewise, we are not to judge unrighteously. Believers must be reconciled with God first in order to help a fellow believer reconcile his own sin. Unfortunately, we have propagated a gospel of judgementalism instead of a gospel of grace. The church should be the central location of the grace of God.

2. Don’t believe the lie that God has promised an easy path. People around the world are being killed for their faith in Christ. Our lives, even in Christ, will still be filled with hardships. Affliction is a natural part of life. Indeed, many of the Bible’s most faithful characters died an awful death for their faith. The Lord has pity for those of us who place our trust in them. The phrase “tender mercy” has connotations of motherliness.

3. The mercy and grace of God far outweighs any momentary suffering we endure. Grace enables us to be saved and then live as though we are saved. Sometimes God does not take away our suffering because His grace is sufficient. (And it’s okay to ask God “Why?” but we must also be willing to submit.) My troubles have come and my troubles have gone and more troubles await.


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