Five more verses in James (James 5:12-16)

The Old Testament uses persecution against the prophets. James places great emphasis on making oaths (promises) that have no value. It is better not to make an oath than to make one and break it. We are snared by the words of our mouth.

1. We are bound by our words. Therefore, less is more. So make sure we choose our words wisely. We will have to give an account for every idle word. Likewise, we must not take the Lord’s name in vain. Prefacing a statement, “I swear to (fill in the blank)” does not make you any more trustworthy. People ought to be able to trust us as God’s children. If we are afflicted, pray. It we are cheerful, offer praise.

2. In affliction, pray. In joy, sing. In sickness, believe. Don’t waste affliction and trials. God gives us these for a reason. God gives those affliction who can handle it, but not to everyone. Man is disobedient, and affliction is part of life. Some of us have been taught wrong. We can ask God “Why?” Just be willing to do what God tells you to do. Unfortunately, we rarely seek God. We prefer to be the God of our own lives. It is not always God’s will to heal, but when it is, God can definitely heal us. This is why we seek God’s spiritual authority when we are afflicted. Sometimes it is our disobedience that leads to our affliction in order to get our attention, but not always.

3. True accountability is the key to Biblical victory. We all must have accountability in our lives or we will not be spiritually victorious. Men like darkness more than light because it helps us cover our sin.


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