Even human suffering must take a back seat

You could say that politics is the religion of liberalism, and government is its god. Liberalism is a godless ideology, and so something must fill that void. Because politics is their religion, liberals politicize literally everything: sports, the weather, school lunches, contraceptives, guns, crime, education, entertainment, and I could go on.

Whenever there is a mass shooting, like we saw in San Bernardino this week, and Planned Parenthood before that, the left rushes in to politicize. The formula they follow is predictable.

Step 1 is to call for gun control. Mind you, it’s not gun control they are after, at least not for the sake of gun control. The left is always after one of three things: higher taxes, more government, loss of individual liberty. Whether it’s gun control, ObamaCare, or the climate change hoax, what they’re really after comes from that list. So gun control is really about the loss of individual liberty. These people are despots. They cannot sit idly by and let us live our own lives.

The left really isn’t against guns, per se. While President Obama calls for gun control, I guarantee you he’ll always have someone protecting him with a gun. It control of rank-and-file, law-abiding citizens they’re really after.

Step 2 is to immediately find a link between the perpetrator and the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, and/or Fox News. Usually there isn’t such a link. Most often the perpetrator is a Muslim, a leftist, or a mentally ill person.

If the perpetrator happens to be a Muslim, you can bet the media will bury it. They will struggle to find a fake motive. In the recent Paris shooting, the left claimed the climate change hoax was the motive. Or they will wonder what we ever did to offend the Muslim perpetrator and they will end up blaming the victim(s) for the shooting. They will do whatever they can to avoid blaming the crimes of militant Islamists on ideology.

If the accused happen to be minorities, like the New Orleans shooting last month, the media may not report it at all. There are four suspects in that mass shooting and they are all black. It doesn’t fit the narrative of the angry white guy who listens to Rush Limbaugh, and if the left can’t leverage a mass shooting for political gain, they will simply ignore it.

And so we have the San Bernardino shooting, where the perpetrator belongs to the Religion of Peace. But liberals can’t bring themselves to concede what the rest of us can see with our own eyes and ears: it was an act of terrorism. Instead, the left mocked Christians for praying for the victims and their families. Indeed, even human suffering and grieving must take a back seat when there is a political advantage to be gained. (See paragraph one.)

This is what the left has become. It’s who they are and what they do. You cannot debate logically with these people because they operate in an alternate world where nothing is real. They must simply be defeated politically. They must be kept out of power. This is why we cannot trust milquetoast Republicans like Jeb Bush who promise they can cross the aisle and work with Democrats. Why in the world would you want to work with these people? And where is the compromise between reality and the liberal world where nothing is real? How do you compromise with people whose methods involve trying to convince us we don’t see and hear what we see and hear? You don’t.


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