Liberalism has nothing to do with American values

I have noticed lately during the debate on whether to admit Syrian refugees that the left claims that turning them away isn’t who we are, that not admitting them goes against American values. This was also a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s proposal to stop letting Muslims into the country until the federal government can figure out what’s going on.

I have a deep appreciation for traditional American values, and what I have always known as American values have nothing to do with modern liberalism. Traditional American values were codified in the Declaration of Independence. They have at their root life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Liberalism has served to erode our values. This is the purpose of liberalism. Liberals have assaulted the ideas and institutions that made us great: individual and economic liberty, capitalism, and, yes, Christianity. They are trying to tear down what productive people have built up. They persist at trying to grow government and increase taxes at the expense of individual and economic liberty. They do not respect American culture and desire to water it down to something unrecognizable.

So when a liberal laments that some Republican or conservative idea goes against our American values, pay attention. Chances are that idea or statement they are criticizing is consistent with traditional American values and merely goes against liberalism.


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