Selective disarmament

You hear it after mass shootings. It’s like clockwork. Since the left politicizes literally everything, they turn mass shootings into an immediate platform for gun control. Their answer for making us safe from gun violence is to strip law-abiding citizens of their gun rights. Their response to criminals is to punish those who don’t commit crimes.

There are, of course, exceptions to most everything, but liberals aren’t so much anti-gun as they are pro-gun control. The operative word is “control.” They want to control pretty much every aspect of our lives, and if you take away gun rights, you’ve taken away a significant piece of individual autonomy.

I say that liberals aren’t so much anti-gun, because they don’t argue that we should take away all guns, just the guns of those who don’t commit crimes. For example, I have yet to hear a prominent liberal argue that we should disarm police, nor the ATF, nor the military, nor the FBI, nor any government agency. President Obama is a huge proponent of gun control, but we’ve never heard him call for the Secret Service to give up its guns. Likewise, how many liberal politicians who demand gun control are themselves protected by guns? Trust me, there are plenty.

This is typical liberalism. Do as I say, not as I do. Guns for me but not for thee. And so on. It’s the same with climate change. They demand lifestyle reductions and sacrifices from us that they themselves are not willing to make. It’s who they are and what they do. This is why we Americans should never relinquish any right just because a politician demands it from us, no matter the reason they give. Typically it’s for “the greater good” or for some safety reason. But Americans have shown they are rather adept at taking care of themselves when simply left alone. Alas, liberals aren’t content to leave us alone. We met have some vague notion of how to take care of ourselves, but, believe me, liberals know better.


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