Notes from Romans 14

(Verses 1-16)

We do have a Biblical mandate to submit to civil authority. It is a terror only to those who do evil.

The word of God and spirit of God never contradict. The Holy Spirit will never lead you to do something that is unbiblical.

There are some who are new to the faith or who have been poorly discipled who are considered “weak in the faith.” But we are each at a different stage in our faith. Yet he who is mature in his faith is in no way better than those who are weak in the faith. The mature have an obligation to disciple the weak. Disagreements are not to create divisions; they only mean we are human. Chances are someone was patient with us when we were new to the faith.

Choose your battles wisely. We each have different personal preferences. It’s not worth arguing about. As servants of God, why would be bicker with one another when we serve the same master? We Christians sometimes have more rules for ourselves than God does.

Every decision we make affects those around us. God loves cohesiveness among us. There will be a void when you die. Your life affects others and your death affects others.

Why do we judge our brother? Ultimately, we will all stand in judgement before God. We will all call Him “Lord” one day. It will be a day of reverence and awe. Even the devil will submit to the Lord. We will give an account — a spoken word — to God. Thus, it is crucial that we hate our own sin more than others’. We will have to give an account for our own sin and no one else’s.

Do not give someone an occasion to sin. Others will follow your example. So don’t contribute to someone’s fall who is watching your life.

Let people naturally grow in their faith. Our duty is to simply share the gospel and not set standards for others. Our own spiritual growth is really for the benefit of others. Don’t let your spiritual growth go to waste because of something irresponsible you say.


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