One builds up while the other tears down

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh’s show on Wednesday, the day after the GOP debate, when a caller came on saying he just didn’t understand Trump’s appeal. His assertion was that Trump more or less sounds like a simpleton, not an intellectual, and he didn’t understand how someone who sounds so shallow could claim so much of the Republican support.

This gives me the opportunity to elaborate on something. We have in office at this moment a man who we are told is an intellectual. I don’t necessarily buy into that, but I guess it depends on how we define “intellectual.” It is true that Barack Obama went to Harvard Law School. I’m not saying the man is dumb. He obviously possesses some measure of intelligence. I don’t know that he’s as smart as people say he is. A person can be educated, over-educated (too much theory and too little application), or mal-educated (steeped in ideas that don’t work, like socialism). I would put Presudent Obama in that latter category. It’s as Ronald Reagan would have said. Obama knows so much that isn’t so.

I’m not sure what Donald Trump’s educational background is. I could look it up, but it doesn’t really matter. I look at Donald Trump as a man who has been “educated,” if you will, by decades of real-world experience. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He builds things. He creates jobs. He makes money for himself and for others. He is the embodiment of success. He may not be an intellectual, but he’s certainly not dumb. If what we have in office now is an intellectual, then maybe what we need isn’t an intellectual. Perhaps we need a man like Trump who builds things and functions with great effectiveness in the real world.

Whereas Donald Trump is a man who builds and creates things, Barack Obama is a man who tears down what others have built up. I really don’t have much respect for people who sacrifice the labor of others this way. Look at the American healthcare industry. ObamaCare is going to considerably weaken it. It already is. And look at the number of businesses and jobs that have been ruined by the policies advocated and enacted by the Obama administration. Don’t believe for a second that Barack Obama has created a single job. What jobs he might have created are either government jobs or private sector jobs supported by government funds. Don’t believe for a second that unemployment is 5%, or whatever the government says it is. There are currently 93 million Americans who are not working, which is a lot more than when Obama came into office.

So please don’t buy into the premise that we need an intellectual as our next president. Our current intellectual-in-chief is nothing more than an agitator who divides Americans according to class and race, destroys what productive citizens have built up, and accepts responsibility for nothing. I prefer the non-intellectual who actually builds things and acts like an adult.


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