The crime of telling the truth about global warming

Earlier this month, Rolling Stone writer Jeff Goodell asked John Kerry whether Charles and David Koch should be considered “an enemy of the state.” (Link) As chilling as such a question is, Kerry’s answer reveals the totalitarian nature that climate change has taken on. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, said that he looked forward to the seizure of Exxon’s assets for the crime of “proselytizing” impermissibly about the question of global warming.

First, note the religious overtone of Kerry’s answer. I have made the case here before that global warming has all the elements of a religion. You have to have faith to believe it because factual analysis destroys it.

Second, we have to have permission to disagree with global warming hucksters now? Hillary Clinton once asserted that “we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” Maybe things have changed.

Third, this is indicative of where we are with global warming. There has not been any actual warming in 18 years. Given that the evidence overwhelmingly destroys any case the left could possibly make about the supposed dangers of man made climate change, the left must resort to more drastic, even totalitarian measures to keep the hoax alive. They cannot win in the arena of ideas, so they have to cut off debate by calling it “settled science” and declaring the debate over.

Again, climate change has nothing to do with actual science, if it did, it would have ceased to exist as a relevant issue long ago. Climate change is 100% political. It has nothing to do with saving the environment for our children, or whatever the left tells us it’s for. It has everything to do with every other leftist issue they attempt to foist on the rest of us. The end objective is bigger government, higher taxes, and loss of individual liberty. Telling the truth about global warming doesn’t make you an enemy of the state. It just makes you an enemy of liberalism.


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