Videos as license to kill

Hillary Clinton lied Saturday night at the little-watched Democrat debate about militant Islamists using a Trump video (which doesn’t exist) as a recruitment tool for jihadists. This immediately brought up the memory of her and President Obama blaming a YouTube video hardly anyone saw for the Benghazi attack three years ago.

Fortunately, Donald Trump has come out and called her a flat-out liar, which is a very accurate assessment of Hillary Clinton, and one of the reasons why I support Trump. He is willing to hit her right between the eyes with the truth, which is something very few Republicans are ever willing to do.

At any rate, if what Hillary Clinton says is true — which it isn’t, but let’s just say it is — then it proves that Trump is right. If all it takes is a video to motivate run-of-the-mill Islamists to become murderous jihadists, then Trump is right about everything. I mean, we Christians see and hear things all the time that offend us and that we find discriminatory, but you don’t see Christians waging a holy war against anyone.

If Hillary Clinton were consistent that victims of jihad are guilty of the crimes committed against them, then she would have blamed Planned Parenthood for the recent shooting at one of their clinics. I mean, look at all the video footage of Planned Parenthood employees describing how they dismember the unborn they have killed and sell off the body parts. So why not blame Planned Parenthood for the crime committed against them?


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