Christmas Eve service notes from Matthew 1

Communion — There is no saving power in taking communion. We do it because Christ instructed us to do so in remembrance of Him. And so we examine ourselves and remember what Christ has done for us.

Matthew 1 — It doesn’t matter which day Jesus was born on, only that he was born of a virgin so as to be fully God and fully man. The gospel has never been “plan B.” God knew what He was doing from the outset. Christ was planned as the Lamb of God from the foundation.

Joseph was not going to make a public example of Mary, but was going to divorce her privately. Then the Lord intervened. An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph to offer assurance that she was to bear a son of the Holy Spirit. His name was to be Jesus. He was thus called because He was to save His people from their sins. And so the name Jesus invokes power and authority. All this was done so that the prophecy would be fulfilled.

He is also called Emmanuel — God with us. Joseph therefore took Mary for his wife. For 30 years, Jesus lived in obscurity. We know only a few things about Him until He began His ministry. Then for the next three-and-a-half years, He stirred the world like no other. God loves us because He chooses to. We have done nothing to make Him love us. He just does. He came to minister to the broken, the downtrodden, the sick. And so the gospel of Christ is what we have left from Christmas. 



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