Taking stock at the end of 2015

Ever since Oyster Books went away, I’ve been looking for a cheap way to access eBooks. Recently, I signed up for BookBub, which sends out 3-4 emails a week alerting readers to discounted (from $0 to $1.99) eBooks. I’ve stored away several eBooks already using this method, and it’s even cheaper than Oyster Books, where I was paying $10 a month to read, on average, about a book a week. I may have to put a moratorium on acquiring new eBooks so I can catch up on the ones I haven’t even opened yet.

On Christmas Eve, the Beatles entire catalog was finally made available for streaming. I use Apple Music, but I know Spotify is also streaming the Beatles. I only had five of their albums, plus a compilation of all their number one’s, so most of their catalog was still unknown to me. Suffice it to say, I’ve been maniacally listening to Beatles songs these last few days.

In two days, I will attend my first college football bowl game ever: the Birmingham Bowl, featuring my Memphis Tigers. It could be the last Memphis game I attend with my 18-year-old for quite some time. If he has his way (Lord willing), he’ll be at the U of M next fall, and if that happens, he’ll likely be with the crazies in the student section when the 2016 season rolls around. I’ll still buy seasons tickets. I have too much fun going to Tiger football. I’ll just have to find another partner. (In addition, I’ve promised a good friend of mine who is a Tennessee alum that I’ll head east with him for a game in Knoxville next season.)

My pastor pointed out yesterday that forgiveness is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. If you’re holding on to anger and bitterness toward another person, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die from it.

Christmas was special this year. I was able to see all of my family and my wife’s family. We didn’t spend a great deal, didn’t ask for a great deal, and instead made it very practical. There’s absolutely nothing I need. I’m not going to spend my own money on things I don’t need, and I’m not going to ask someone else to, either.

The year 2015 was possibly my finest ever. I wouldn’t take anything for it. But I’m ready to cut it loose and see what 2016 brings my way.

I’m taking a break from politics. Rush Limbaugh has been out since last Wednesday and is off the air until after the New Year. I have been a faithful listener to his podcast for a decade, but I’m taking a break from politics, too. I’m not tuning in to any of his guest hosts. I have nothing against the guest hosts. They’re usually quite good, but not as good as Rush. I’ll take up politics again when Rush comes back.

For the first time in my life, I ran more than 800 miles in a year. I’ve increased about 100 miles a year since 2013, when I did 500. I think I have finally maxed out. I don’t see how I can continue to add miles. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I do enjoy being able to do this at my age. I’ll set 800 miles as my goal for 2016 and do my best to duplicate.


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