The beginning of a long study on the books of John

Today we began a series on the three books of John in the New Testament. Given the detail with which our pastor approaches his sermon series, this could take a year or more to complete. It took us more than six months to do the book of James, and that is only five chapters. John promises to be a wonderful study. They all are. Today we covered just the first three verses in 1 John. We don’t move very fast.

When we are saved by Christ, He doesn’t leave us where He found us, but we are radically transformed. We are born sinners and require the saving power of Jesus Christ.

1. The greatest argument for the existence of God is life transformation. There will always be someone who wants to argue about the Bible and the existence and nature of God. Yet the way we live our lives ought to give testament to God (our testimony). People can deny the reality of God, but they can’t deny your life transformation. Jesus has always been God’s plan for the redemption of mankind.

2. Don’t preach “Go there and do this” unless you’ve been there and done that. Don’t ever tell someone you know what they’re going through unless you’ve been through that yourself. Most non-believers don’t hate God, they hate God’s people because we can be poor representatives. So why do any of the things we do in church? So we can fellowship with one another and with God. Jesus Christ is our one common denominator. He brings believers together.

3. The basis of our fellowship with others is our consistent fellowship with Christ. And you will never get it right with Father God until you get it right with fellow man. Hit or miss spirituality has ruined the church in America. We must be consistent in our spirituality. When we are consistent and love one another, it changes the atmosphere in a church. Our relationship with one another is based on our relationship with God.


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