One-two punch

As expected, Bill Clinton has hit the campaign trail on behalf of his wife. I don’t know what good this will do for her, but it does provide her opponents with plenty of fodder. On the one hand, you’ve got Hillary, who has already played the gender card, has had the gender card played on her behalf, and will no doubt continue to lean on her presumed victimhood in her pursuit of the presidency. On the other hand, you’ve got Bill, a known philanderer and womanizer, who has without a doubt done his part to carry out the war on women that Republicans get blamed for. Again, there’s plenty of ready-made ammunition being handed to the GOP. I fully expect Donald Trump to make the most of this gift, even if all the other Republicans are too “nice” to take advantage of the obvious irony of having a philanderer/womanizer campaigning on behalf of a poor, oppressed female politician.


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