Citizen snitches

This is how they do it in oppressive societies ruled by despotic regimes. They more or less deputize citizens to snitch on one another (Nazi Germany, for example), because not even the eyes and ears of despotic regimes can be everywhere at all times.

I’m talking about a new law in California that goes farther than any I’ve seen yet in the left’s attempt to confiscate guns.

A California gun statute going into effect on 1 January gives the police or family members the option to petition the courts to seize the guns and ammunition of someone they think poses a threat, the first law of its kind in the country.

The term “immediate family member”, according to the new law, includes a range of relatives, blood ties or not. It also includes anyone who has “within the last six months, regularly resided” in the same household.

Additionally, court documents state that even if you don’t have the necessary relationship, you may notify law enforcement of a potential problem, and an officer could investigate and file a petition for the order.

There’s no room in this for abuse or overreach, right? Seriously, the left parades behind the facade of reducing gun violence, but I submit to you that the left is comfortable with a certain level of gun violence because every incident gives them a platform to clamor for gun control. (Never let a crisis go to waste.) Believe me, gun control is all they care about here. Relying on citizen snitches is the next step.


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