Memphis campus tour

It was yesterday morning, a sunny, cold January morning at my alma mater. We didn’t go for my benefit. I’ve already graduated (almost 22 years ago, in fact). We were there to get a 3rd straight generation into the University of Memphis. It’s amazing the changes that have been made since I was a student. There is a mixture of the new and the old. Some of the buildings I knew are gone, having been replaced by new ones. Many of the old ones are still there and are that much older.

The dormitory where I lived for three semesters has been replaced by a spiffy new domicile and is soon to be demolished. (I’d drive to Memphis just to watch it happen.)

Approximately 85% of the campus is covered by WiFi. We didn’t even have the Internet when I was there.

You can still buy textbooks, but they also have eBooks now.

Of the ten largest universities in Tennessee, the University of Memphis has had the lowest crime rate six of the last eight years.

The U of M library is the second-largest in Tennessee. (The Nashville Public Library is the largest.) There are more than 1 million physical books on hand. The Wilder tower (pictured below) currently houses the office of admissions. When I was a student, it served as the library. The new library (bottom photo) was under construction when I graduated.

WUMR, a jazz radio station broadcasting on 91.7 FM (the only exclusive jazz station in the Memphis metro area), operates at the U of M. (I just love this.) 



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