Will Hillary blow it again?

It turns out that presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton may not be presumptive after all. Bernie Sanders has almost caught her in the polls. This may be a 2008 redux. She was the presumptive nominee then, too, until she wasn’t.

I have not paid much attention to the Democrat race. I’ve been focused on the GOP field. The Democrat party appears to be decimated in 2016, given that the field only consists of two aged socialists. But Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist, once considered a long shot, is out-raising Hillary, and has almost entirely closed the gap between them so that he could actually win Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s not that Sanders is such a strong candidate. It’s that Hillary is incredibly weak. She has never had to face media scrutiny the way Republicans do. If there were a Republican running for president who had even half her baggage, he would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Hillary is not as brilliant as she is made out to be. She has risen to prominence only because she happened to marry Bill. Had it not been for him, she would just be an attorney somewhere and we would have never heard of her. She has been propped up by the mainstream press and Democrat Party all these years, and she simply cannot stand on her own merit. She’s a weak candidate, she elicits zero excitement, and it appears her support within the party may once again be eroding, just like it did eight years ago once a guy named Obama came along.


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