Thoughts on last night’s debate

They have finally whittled down the main GOP debate to 7 candidates, which is still too many, but not as many as it once was. Even the worst GOP candidate (initials are “JB”) would still be better than either of the two aged socialists the Democrats have to choose from. But we don’t want our worst candidate to get the nomination. We want our best. And that would be Donald Trump.

The Donald won last night’s GOP debate. Christ Christie also did remarkably well. Ted Cruz did a predictably good job, but he got smacked down by The Donald when the former questioned Trump’s conservative credentials because he hails from New York, “and there aren’t too many conservatives who come out of Manhatten,” said the Texas senator.

I figured Trump would bristle at such a remark, but in a moment of candid frankness and humility, Trump immediately referred to the manner in which his fellow New Yorkers responded to one another on 9/11, the display of humanity, and recalled that “the smell of death was in the air” for literally months after the attack. Slam dunk.

Cruz did not have a response.

While we’re talking about Ted Cruz — and I think very highly of Ted Cruz — Donald Trump is absolutely correct when he warns that the Democrats will sue over Ted Cruz’s citizenship if he were to get the nomination. This is not a slight on Ted Cruz. I don’t question his American citizenship. But you have to understand Democrats. They’ll run to the court at the slightest provocation. And they will sue. Anyone who denies this does not know Democrats.

There really were a lot of stars on the stage last night. The GOP is blessed with a number of honorable candidates. Of the 7 candidates on stage, six of them won’t get the nomination. One honorable person will. (But it won’t be Jeb.) On the other side, you’ve got two aged socialists. One of them is a pathological liar. The other one is at least honest enough to admit he’s a socialist. But then, he’s a socialist, and there is no honor in being a socialist. So you’ve got two dishonorable people running for the Democrat nomination. And one of them will get it.

Watching the GOP debate is refreshing, because at least you’ve got mature adults (even Jeb) on stage discussing and debating real-world issues. They understand what our threats are and they are prepared to face them directly. They are willing to call terrorists terrorists. As Chris Christie pointed out so wonderfully, the current president is a petulant child. If Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) is elected, it will be equivalent to a third term of the petulant child. It cannot be allowed. It must not happen. If it does, we’re through.

I’m tired of the right being accused of being angry, like it’s a bad thing to be angry and to be motivated by anger. Donald Trump, being the adult and shooting straight like he always does, says of course he’s angry. He’s tired of watching the country being run into the ground. Those of us who love the country are all tired of watching our country being run into the ground. So we’re all angry. And there’s nothing wrong with that, either.


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