Everything you need to know about Lamar

The lead sentence in the accompanying Commercial Appeal news article “Tenn. Republicans, Obama seek issues they can work on,” says it all:

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander believes there’s a lot Congress and the White House can get done this year, even with President Barack Obama’s time in office nearing an end and the craziness of the election season already on full display.

But Lamar isn’t the only Republican who believes this. Senator Corker and Congressman John Duncan are also mentioned as looking favorably on the opportunity to “work with” the President to “get things done.”

Ah, the disconnect between our elected officials and those of us they presumably represent. And they wonder why Donald Trump has such broad appeal.

Folks, when was the last time you heard President Obama — or any Democrat — signal any sort of willingness or desire to work with Republicans on anything? You haven’t. The President has already bypassed Congress a number of times to enact laws by executive order because there are major elements of his political agenda he knows would never pass Congress. So he’s just using the executive pen to create laws that are supposed to require legislative action. When was the last time you heard any elected Republican oppose what the President is doing? You haven’t, because there is effectively no opposition party in Washington right now. Whenever Congress and the President “work together” to “get things done” it involves the GOP completely caving to pass what Obama wants.

This is why I don’t consider myself a Republican anymore, at least in any sort of pragmatic way, because you get Republicans like Lamar who run for office trying to sound conservative, assuring us they are conservative, and when they are elected they more closely align themselves with Democrats than those they are supposed to represent.

For the last seven years we have gotten nothing but liberalism at warp speed, and Obama is going to accelerate even further his last year in office to leave his socialist mark on the country. So we really aren’t interested in Republicans working with Democrats on anything. What we’d really like is for you to stand up and oppose the President. But that just isn’t going to happen apparently.


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