These are some of my favorite things

My decluttering endeavor has taken me to “the box” that once sat upon my chest-of-drawers. The box contained all sorts of odds-and-ends: shoestrings, pocket knives, watches, keychains, etc. Most of what was there was junk and has been either tossed or put in the latest burgeoning Goodwill pile. A few things I have kept, but not enough to justify keeping the box. Even that’s in the Goodwill pile.

Items of interest that have made the demanding cut are:

My high school class ring that dates to my junior year, circa 1987. It was dirty and corroded and I lathered it with brasso and gave it a scrubbing. It looks almost new again. I haven’t worn it regularly in probably 25 years. But I wore it today.

My Cub Scout pocket knife, circa 1978. I almost tossed it out. It was in bad shape, so dirty and rusty that I didn’t even want to try to salvage it. But I decided to use a different type of cleaner, as well as brasso, and made it worth keeping. It still needs a bit of work, but my salvaging effort has paid off.

My Seiko watch that was given to me by my parents for high school graduation in 1988. (Sheesh. The 30-year reunion is two years away.) I used to wear this watch all the time, and did so for years. But since I started carrying around a cellphone, I stopped wearing watches altogether. Like its other companions in the box, the Seiko watch needed some scrubbing (brasso again). I removed the original metal band (a watch band made of metal, not a hard rock group) that came with the watch. Dirt had seeped in between the links and cleaning it was going to be a hassle. Plus, I wondered how a leather band would look instead. So I bought one today and like it. It is so much lighter. But the watch does still need a new battery. 


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