Feminism summarized

A good friend of mine who blogs frequently on a variety of topics has written a post on feminism. It’s a topic he tweets about sometimes, as well. Today he points out, in a nutshell, that feminists have banished themselves to a permanent state of unhappiness because they live in constant denial of reality. As I like to put it, feminists are at perpetual war against biology and human nature, and are therefore bound to lose every time. Or, as Rush Limbaugh observes in his Undeniable Truth #24, “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.” I don’t point these things out to be mean or cruel, but there is a logical reason feminists are so unhappy. No one else is forcing them to be unhappy. They do it to themselves. They voluntarily assume the role of victim, claim that men and conservative women are their enemies, and thereby perpetuate their own unhappiness. Thus, feminists are their own persecutors.


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