Notes from 1 John

1 John 2:5-11

When we are saved by the grace of God, we are transformed by the power of the gospel. Christ radically improves the quality of our lives. In v. 5, the word “perfected” means complete, mature, and satisfied, but not sinless.

1. Biblical love is the litmus test for spiritual life. Our salvation is not marked by our status or preferences or the music we do or don’t listen to, but by our love for Christ. There is no such thing as a secretive believer in Jesus Christ. We proclaim Christ.

2. The answer to “What would Jesus do” is found in what He actually did. If we are to walk as He walked, then know that Jesus walked in mercy. People never were an inconvenience to Him.

Jesus walked in boldness. (Do not confuse arrogance with boldness.) Christ was always tough with the religious crowd because they should have known better, but He dined with sinners.

Jesus walked in holiness. We live here but we do not have to become part of the culture.

Jesus walked in obedience. He told the Father not my will but yours.

Jesus walked in generosity. He gave up His own life on our behalf. We cannot out-give God.

Jesus walked in brokenness. He was a man of sorrows and was acquainted with grief. Jesus wept.

Jesus walked in sacrifice and service for others. He called not the righteous but sinners. He who is last shall be greatest. We are called to serve other people. We are to do what He has done.

It is miserable to live in darkness. He who says he loves God but hates his fellow man is still in darkness. If you live in bitterness and anger and try to justify it you will stumble and make dumb decisions.

3. Those who hate God’s children are not part of God’s family. God’s people love God’s people. Our spirits bear witness to one another. On our darkest days we still love one another. This world will forsake us and we need each other.


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