Wanting your team to lose

It happens to a lot of us who have a school or a team we are faithful to. It usually happens at the college level, but not always. The program falls on hard times and supporters start clamoring for a coaching change. It’s happening to the University of Memphis men’s basketball program right now. But I’ve heard fans of other teams voice the same sentiment during similar circumstances over the years. You want the school to make a coaching change, so you start wanting your own team to lose in order to hasten the demise.

This is where it goes too far. I’ve never wanted Memphis to lose. Not ever. After saying I don’t care anymore, I found myself caring enough to watch the second half of today’s game vs. long-time nemesis Cincinnati. I watched the Bearcats shave our 15-point halftime lead down to 1 with just under two minutes to play. In the end, the Tigers eked out a 4-point win. It was our best win of the season. I was quite happy. I love winning, and am not willing to hope for a loss just to engineer a future personnel change. Doing so undermines the entire coaching staff, the players, the school, and the fans who still show up for games hoping to watch the team win. I would never forsake my own team.

My philosophy is simple. Instead of wanting to lose today so you can win tomorrow, why not just win today? Today you have a team, you have an opponent, you have an opportunity. So why not make the most out of the opportunity you have right now?


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