School vouchers in Tennessee

The Tennessee House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on whether to make school vouchers a reality. Vouchers would actually affect only a small number of families, namely low-income families in five districts across the state.

Predictably, the political lines are rather distinct. Democrats are almost uniformly against school vouchers, while Republicans tend to favor vouchers. The Tennessee Education Association opposes the bill, as do other public school advocates. They say vouchers would divert money from public schools, and they are right. But vouchers would also lessen demands on those public schools by diverting students to private institutions.

1. I haven’t run the numbers, but I suspect vouchers would benefit minority students disproportionately. This is ironic, given that Republicans are presumed to be racists and Democrats get the lion’s share of the minority vote. Yet here you have conservatives as the primary advocates for assisting low-income minorities trapped in sub-par public schools.

2. Democrats pride themselves on being “pro-choice,” but they sure aren’t pro-choice when it comes to school vouchers. They’d prefer to keep students trapped in underperforming schools than help them find a way out. This is what liberalism does.

3. Typically, you have Democrats siding with government schools over the individuals, while you have Republicans advocating on behalf of the individuals. This is how it always is. Conservatives, castigated and maligned by the left for racism and descrimination, nonetheless stand with their hands outstretched, trying to help give a lift to those on the bottom. And you have liberals also with hands outstretched, always pushing down, trying to achieve “equality” by spreading mediocrity evenly while accusing conservatives of keeping minorities down. It is mere projection. Liberals are famous for accusing their political opponents of things that they themselves are actually guilty of.


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