Some thoughts from last night’s debate

I don’t recall ever watching as many GOP debates as I have this election cycle. There have been some terrific debates with conservatism on full display. Last night may have been the best one of all.

ABC did a terrific job moderating, probably the best job I’ve seen yet — even better than “fair and balanced” Fox News. The moderators consistently asked relevant questions without playing “gotcha” and without trying to make the debate about them. It was all about the candidates and their ideas, which is exactly what a debate should be.

Ted Cruz did the best job because he articulates conservatism so well. I had Donald Trump coming in second. He seemed to start off a bit slow but came on strong the later it got. The Donald just has a different way of looking at things that I always find refreshing.

Chris Christie really went after Marco Rubio on the governor vs. senator meme. Christie has tried to make the governors on stage into sort of an exclusive “in crowd” because, to paraphrase, governors have to make actual decisions while senators just make speeches. He’s at least partly correct. Marco Rubio does sound like a politician. Ted Cruz, who is also a senator, is much more able to step out of his politician’s persona and articulate pragmatic solutions, so he doesn’t come across as a politician.

Marco Rubio is right about one thing, though. Barack Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He really does believe America needs to be cut down both economically and militarily. It’s not incompetence. It’s deliberate.

Governor Kasich believes in legalization for illegals. This is amnesty. Republicans should never be in favor of this.

Donald Trump did an excellent job explaining why eminent domain is necessary for building roads and other public uses.

Why are we debating waterboarding? We are at war with militant Islamists who behead and torture people. Waterboarding seems rather mild, especially if waterboarding can be used to extract information that can save lives. I’m with Trump, bring back waterboarding and whatever else.

There is a difference between Jeb Bush getting things done with Democrats and Donald Trump. Whenever an establishment talks about crossing the aisle and working with Democrats, it typically results in Democrats getting what they want and the GOP walking away empty. Not so with Trump. His version of getting things done with Democrats, in his words, is getting them to “make the deal you want,” sort of like when Reagan brought over Democrats as conservatives.

Call me old-fashioned, but our young women should not be expected to register with selective service. I have no problem with women serving in the military voluntarily, but the selective service should be reserved for males. It’s the way it has always been.

I am thankful that social issues like abortion and same-sex marriage came up, albeit briefly. And Senator Rubio was correct to point out that Democrats are never asked about abortion. They should be forced to defend their advocacy of wide-open killing of the unborn. Make them own it.

It’s funny how climate change never came up. That’s because last night’s debate was centered on real-world topics that actually matter, not some pop culture news of the day hoax like climate change. You saw responsible adults on stage, not the petulant adolescents that Democrats are.

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