If only feminists listened to their ancestors

A good friend of mine that I have referenced before continues to hammer left-wing feminists over on his blog, and it was with this in mind that I came across what I consider a timeless quote in a book I am currently reading, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey. Lady Almina was known as Lady Almina Carnarvon, of British nobility. Lady Almina refused to join the suffragette movement that was perhaps fashionable for ladies of her stature during the early 20th century. Her remarks to the Newbury Unionist Women’s Association in January, 1911 are accurate and commendable and every bit as valid today, some 105 years later.

In the dark ages, which are not very far behind us, we used to be called the weaker sex. We never were, and we never shall be weaker in our patriotism. In this as in all similar matters we are neither inferior nor superior, but only very different and I am convinced that we shall do most good to our country and her cause if instead of imitating men we endeavour to widen and perhaps enrich the spirit of public life by being simply ourselves.

I have written here before that modern feminists are at perpetual war with biology and human nature, are therefore bound to lose every time. This, and not men, is the source of their unhappiness. They are continually swimming upstream, trying to be something they are not. If only they could bring themselves to accept the obvious fact that men and women are different — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that — they’d find themselves much happier. We are all much better off when we are simply ourselves.


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