SCOTUS, whatever

The Supreme Court of the United States lost its most brilliant member today with the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. A Reagan appointee, Scalia had served on the court for thirty years and was 79 years old.

This will give President Obama a third Supreme Court nominee and will no doubt result in a heavily leftward tilt in the high court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already said he won’t oppose Obama on anything the rest of his term. So I’m not expecting any backbone from the upper chamber.

The debate on justices always seems to turn on whether a candidate is liberal or conservative, but the only thing we should ask is whether he will interpret the Constitution exactly as it is written. Unfortunately, most of the sitting justices have shown blatant disregard for our founding document, instead injecting their own (typically leftist) political views into their opinions without a care as to what the Constitution actually says.

Not to sound cynical, but does it matter anymore who we appoint? The left has Roe v. Wade. It isn’t going anywhere. They have ObamaCare. They have same-sex marriage. They have the terribly misinterpreted separation of church and state. The 10th Amendment which is supposed to secure states’ rights might as well not even exist. All that’s left is the 2nd Amendment.

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