A whole lotta points

Last night the West defeated the East 196-173 in the NBA All-Star Game played in Toronto. It was by far the highest scoring ASG in league history. The West scored 104 points in the 2nd half, attempted 80 three-point shots (making 31 of them), and had 9 players score in double figures. ASG’s are typically high-scoring contests because very little effort is made at playing defense, but last night’s exhibition was over the top. From a fan’s perspective, it was marvelous. I’ve never cared who wins. I love the show. It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters  at both ends of the court, minus the ball-handling tricks. These are the best basketball players in the world and it’s a treat to watch them unleashed, relaxed and having fun. Kudos to the NBA for understanding that the ASG is purely a show and letting the players be themselves. (I got cracked up watching some of the players — and not the coaches — draw up plays during timeouts.) I’d certainly love to attend one of these in the future.


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