iOS wish list

I am putting in my order for things I’d like to see with the next iOS version. I guess it will be iOS 10, and we’re still probably still a few months away from that. I have no idea what will be included in iOS 10, but I do have a few suggestions.

1. I’d like the ability to create smart playlists with the Apple Music app. You can do this with iTunes. You can do it with third-party apps. I have one called “SmartPlaylist” that I use more than the actual firmware music app. I like the third-party app, but why not roll this capability Apple Music?

2. I’d like the ability to clear out my cache without having to delete and reinstall apps. For example, over time, my Twitter and Flickr cache grows to several hundred megabytes. It’s not slowing me down, but there’s no need for my cache to accumulate like that. In order to clear it out, you have to delete the apps and reinstall them. It would be nice to have an option to just clean out the accumulation of files without having to delete and reinstall.

3. I’d like to see more capability with the camera app. I have several third-party photo apps that I can use to work the camera and edit photos, but I always find myself going back to the camera app. I’m not a big photo editor, maybe a touch-up or two. Like the music app, I’d prefer to just roll more options into the camera app, like a macro option for focusing on close-up objects, an easier way to control the lighting, and perhaps a few more editing options.

4. I like the concept behind the News app that came with iOS 9. I do use it. But there aren’t a great deal of options. I’d love to see an RSS feed added to the app to make it so the user can build his own reading list.

5. I’d like to see more traffic information on the Maps app. Maps has gotten pretty good over successive builds with several options added, but the traffic portion of the app is rather basic. I’d like to see Maps become a bit more like Waze.


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