Taking stock of today

Reading: Several books at once. Most notably, I am in the middle of Antony and Cleopatra, the eighth and final installment of Colleen McCullough’s First Man in Rome series, a rather comprehensive study of the history or Rome around the time of Julius Caesar. I began reading these books 20 years ago, and am just now getting around to finishing.

Listening: Ever since the death of David Bowie last month, I’ve been listening to lots of Bowie. I still have not been through his entire catalog yet. Of particular note is Station to Station (1976), which I have streamed several times now. On this album is Golden Years, which is one of my all-time favorite Bowie songs.

Cooking: Homemade banana pudding. I’ve made several of these the last few weeks and really must stop. Way too many calories, and way too good.

Anticipating: Our next trip to Memphis will be April 22 (Lord willing) for the spring football game.

Training: March 1 officially kicks off my half-marathon training. The race itself takes place on April 30.

Rediscovering: Nehi peach sodas. I wish they made it in diet.

Watching: Star Wars. My wife and I saw Star Wars 7 over Christmas. She had never seen any of the Star Wars movies and wanted to go back and watch the previous six episodes, so we’re in the middle of doing just that.

Shrinking: I have my wardrobe pared down to fewer than 40 hangars. I have it right where I want it and always have something to wear.

Voting: Trump

Joining: Global Vision Bible Church, finally.

Dreading: Yard-mowing season begins in a little more than a month. Ugh.

Learning: I still look up the meanings of words I come across that I don’t know. Yes, it does still happen.

Rejoicing: The days are getting longer, thank goodness. Those winter evenings that begin around 4:30 p.m. are for the birds. I prefer late sunsets.


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