More money for Marco

Donald Trump continues to roll, having won South Carolina and now Nevada, with Super Tuesday just six days away. As such, the GOP field continues to narrow, with Jeb! the latest casualty. Jeb! was the establishment darling. He raised something on the order of $100M, and never could leverage more than 4-5% of the vote. Not even two ex-presidents in the family could lift his candidacy. Jeb’s ineffectiveness is emblematic of the GOP establishment these days. He trotted out all the tired, worn out phrases, vowed to work with Democrats to get things done, even claimed he could win the nomination without the GOP base.

With Jeb! now out of the race, it appears Marco Rubio is the new establishment darling. The first whiff of establishment favoritism came just a few days ago when Mitt Romney endorsed Rubio for the nomination. Now we learn that the establishment money that was doing to Jeb! is now going to Rubio. I have nothing against Marco Rubio at all. I didn’t vote for him, but I don’t dislike him. But I do have some suspicions now that he has become the establishment flavor of the day.

Republican establishment candidates don’t win anymore. We tried this in 2008 with John McCain and again in 2012 with Mitt Romney. Both candidates lost handily to a very weak Democrat candidate, Barack Obama. In both elections, Obama was beatable. All it took was a GOP candidate who was willing to expose Obama as an America-hating socialist lightweight. But the Democrats, knowing how weak-kneed the mainstream GOP is, immediately played the race card, where any criticism of their candidate was said to be rooted in racism and not ideology, and the GOP candidates crumbled, neutered themselves, and were rendered completely ineffective. The thing about Democrat candidates is that they aren’t going to expose themselves as socialists. The media aren’t going to, either. It’s up to the opposition party, and when the opposition party doesn’t do its job, it loses.

In 2016, it is imperative that the Democrat candidate — and it will be Hillary Clinton — has to lose. The nation cannot afford four more years of socialism. It may already be too late to go back, but we certainly cannot afford another Democrat presidency. Hillary would beat an estsblishment Republican. It would be 2008 and 2012 all over again, except it would be the gender card instead of the race card. The GOP is almost as terrified of the the war on women meme as the race card. It’s easy to defend against, but the GOP is simply too weak, scared, and ineffectual to mount even the slightest opposition.

Donald Trump will hit the Democrats right between the eyes, and it will be savage. Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State at least in our lifetimes. There’s Benghazi, the email scandal, the money laundering organization known as the Clinton Foundation, her philandering husband and his string of “bimbo eruptions” (talk about a war on women). Hillary Clinton has so much baggage that there’s no way she can win the presidency if she is properly exposed. (Did I also mention that she’s a pathological liar?) The trouble with the Clintons is that they have never been properly held to account for their corruption. They’ve always been given a pass by the mainstream press. It will be different in 2016 because the GOP is going to end up with a candidate who will do to her what’s never been done — tell the complete truth. The Clintons have never had to face this sort of onslaught before, and it’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch.


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