Please tell us something we don’t know

About 2 or 3 times a week, or so it seems, Rush Limbaugh takes a caller who takes Donald Trump voters to task. It seems a lot of GOP voters who don’t support Trump are convinced that Trump supporters are being duped because Trump really isn’t a conservative.

As a Trump voter, I know he’s not a conservative. I’ve never tried to make the case that he is. I’m not being duped. If I were being ideologically pure, I’d be supporting Ted Cruz. But in 2016, we’re sort of beyond ideology. The only two pertinent questions for me are:

1) Does the candidate love America and want what’s best for America?

2) Can the candidate get results?

Trump is the only candidate on either side who gets a definite yes to both questions.

We know the Democrats don’t love America. That’s why they are trying so fervently to transform the country into something it was never intended to be (a socialist state with wide open borders), and why they continually attack the ideas and institutions that made us great.

I have no doubt that the current field of GOP candidates loves the country. But can they get results? Maybe or maybe not, but Trump has shown that he can. My fear about Ted Cruz — and Donald Trump has made this point — is that the Democrats would sue over his citizenship. Let’s say Cruz were to somehow capture the GOP nomination. What’s to stop the Democrats from filing suit and shopping around for a sympathetic judge who tosses Cruz from the ballot at the eleventh hour? If you don’t think Democrats are capable of this, then you don’t know Democrats.

This leaves Donald Trump. He’s not a genuine conservative. Believe me, we know this. We are not being duped. We are tired of supporting politicians who do nothing but talk and rarely accomplish anything. Give me the man who loves the country and knows how to get results. We can’t afford not to.


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