I know it says God created the heavens and the earth. I accept this on faith. We can see just a fragment of the universe. For every star that’s visible to the eye, there are a million others. Or a billion. How did God speak something so huge into existence? Think about all the matter that’s in the universe, ever expanding. Numbers with long strings of zeroes at the end. Everything moves and rotates and is held in place by this invisible bond we know as gravity. I accept it but do not understand.

How is it that God is infinite? He always has been and always shall be. I accept this on faith but cannot comprehend. Everything I can see and touch has a beginning and end, a specific birth and death. We age. We are finite beings. How are we transformed from something finite into something infinite? How is it that God is able to operate outside of time, to know things that have not yet happened to us?

How is it that God knows each of us tiny beings individually? Why does He choose to? There are billions of us, and billions more have already been born and died. How is it that no two are alike?

There are things that are unknowable here on earth. I suspect that when we reach eternity we will know a great deal more than we do now, but that even in eternity some things will necessarily remain a mystery. These are the things I accept on faith. I know no other way.


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