Filling the void with a winner

Yesterday was Super Tuesday. I spent much of last evening watching election returns, news commentary, and candidates’ speeches. Hillary and Bernie were full of their usual socialist drivel. Donald Trump was presidential and quite humble. Ted Cruz acted like a man acts when he’s in second place. Marco Rubio has become a sad caricature of his former self. He is the new establishment GOP candidate, and he definitely acts the part.

Trump keeps winning and the establishment remains as confused as ever. With Rubio as their mouthpiece, all you have to do is listen to him to know what the establishment is thinking. Donald Trump went after Hillary with great fervor. This is why I support Trump. He hits the Democrats right between the eyes. Trump went after the terrorists. He went after our leaders for the rotten deals they have made. (“The problem is that their leaders are too smart for our leaders. We need new leaders.”)

Marco Rubio went after Trump on faux racism (didn’t condemn the KKK when he was supposed to!) and class warfare (his daddy gave him millions while I started out with nothing!). In other words, Rubio is campaigning like a Democrat, and because of this, he comes across as an adolescent.

I’ve said this many times, and I will say it again. The GOP establishment gave us two moderate candidates in 2008 & 2012. They lost to a weak candidate who was easily beatable. But the GOP establishment has a loser’s mentality. They are actually content to lose presidential elections. That’s why they were perfectly willing to give us Jeb! as a candidate this year. But Jeb! never got any traction. He spent more than $100 million and never could poll higher than about 5%. Now they have anointed Rubio, who would also most likely lose to Hillary.

The GOP establishment keeps losing elections because they keep nominating loser candidates and don’t know any other way. There is a void of leadership at the top of the GOP which has been usurped by Donald Trump. Trump’s line is that America doesn’t win anymore, and that if we elect him, we’ll start winning again, and we’ll win so much we’ll actually get tired of winning. At last, we have someone with a winner’s mentality who goes after our enemies, goes after Democrats, and hits back when he gets hit. And the GOP elites are flummoxed by this curious creature.

Marco Rubio says Donald Trump is destroying the GOP. The GOP hasn’t fielded a winning candidate since 2004, and has lost 4 of the last 6 presidential elections. It can’t go much lower. Donald Trump is actually growing the GOP. Donald Trump is doing what Jeb! said he wanted to do — win the nomination without the base by piecing together various non-conservative factions. While Trump does have considerable support among conservatives, he is growing the GOP much the way Reagan did — by pulling in non-Republicans as conservatives, or at least pro-Americans. The number of GOP voters showing up for the primaries this year has exploded, further proof that Trump is growing the party. Again, this is what the GOP establishment has said it wanted to do, but it’s being done without their help, and so it might as well not be happening.


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