Uniting behind the Tigers

It appears that Josh Pastner isn’t going anywhere. Okay, fine. The University of Memphis doesn’t have $10.6M to buy out his contract. None of the high rollers who help bankroll the basketball program are going to write that kind of a check. Josh Pastner is our basketball coach. That’s the reality we have to live with. Tiger fans can either whine about it — and plenty will — or Tiger fans can unite behind the program for better or worse. And if you can’t unite behind the coach, then at least do it for the players. We are going to win or lose with Josh Pastner as our head coach. And I’d much prefer to win.

This was the first time since the 2005-2006 season that I did not attend a Memphis home game. I now regret not going. I plan to rectify this next season. I don’t know that I will invest in season tickets. But I’m not donating any money to the school to help replace the coach, so I may as well buy tickets to a few games and show up and wear blue.

So be it. Go Tigers.


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