The question no one ever asks about campus rape

A good friend who blogs quite frequently on a variety of topics recently pointed out that sexual assault statistics on American colleges are grossly overinflated. Obviously, the motive for lying about sexual assault is purely political. It’s part of the feminist agenda to insinuate that we live in a patriarchal culture that is inherently violent towards women. The statistic that we often hear is that 1 in 4 women are victims of sexual assault while they are in college. The statistic is completely contrived. The actual number is only a tiny fraction of 25%. At any rate, if this really were the case, asks my friend, why on earth would you not only permit, but outright encourage, your daughter to go to college? He goes on to dissect the numbers, but you get the idea. Instances of rape are quite rare, much rarer than liberal feminists would ever admit. As always, the truth is in the numbers.


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