The left just told us who they’re scared of

Last night leftist protesters in Chicago shut down a Donald Trump rally. Naturally, Trump opponents were quick to blame Trump for creating a culture of violence, which is typical of leftists, but nothing could be further from the truth. I watched CNN for maybe two minutes while the violence was unfolding. It was all I needed to see and all I could take. Here are my takeaways from last night:

1. Chicago is the armpit of America. Granted, point to any large city anywhere, and you will find typical urban problems. But in Chicago, it’s all multiplied by ten. Chicago is the murder capital of the nation. They also have very strict gun control laws. And it’s no coincidence that Chicago has been a Democrat machine for several decades. Leftist thugs are easy to find in large numbers there.

2. Trump opponents are quick to point out that these things only happen at Trump rallies. Protests don’t happen at Cruz rallies, or Rubio rallies, or Kasich rallies. But they do happen at Trump rallies, not because of some phantom culture of violence, but because the left isn’t scared of Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich. None of them tell the truth the way Trump does. Trump is only saying what the rest of us are thinking. I would even wager that the other GOP candidates think the same way Trump does, but are so afraid of the PC police that they are afraid to speak the unfiltered truth as Trump does. Trump’s message resonates with the populace, and that’s what has the left quaking.

3. Trump’s rally was to take place at the University of Illinois-Chicago. According to CNN, UIC is a place of wide racial and religious diversity, so what did Trump expect to happen? The underlying message here is twofold. First, they may be diverse, but they are also intolerant. There may be racial and religious diversity, but you can forget about ideological diversity. You better be a liberal, or you better be quiet. Second, it’s okay to be violent if the views you are hearing are different than yours. It’s not your fault that you can’t behave like an adult. It’s the other person’s fault for inciting you. You aren’t responsible for your actions. Just find the nearest Republican and blame him for your anger.

4. The media (and others, I am sure) have blamed Donald Trump for creating a culture of violence at his rallies. There is no evidence of this. Trump supporters haven’t shut down any rallies. You don’t see us at Hillary/Bernie rallies creating havoc. The only Democrat rally to my knowledge that has been affected by protesters was a Bernie rally where Black Lives Matter protesters refused to let Bernie speak. No, the violence last night was perpetrated entirely be leftists, incited by leftists, owned by leftists.

5. It is not Donald Trump’s duty to smooth things over with leftist protestors. These are the very people we are trying to defeat. They are petulant adolescents who engage in lawlessness, have an insatiable sense of entitlement, and contribute nothing of value to the country. They are also enabled, if not outright encouraged by Democrat politicians. The only way to deal with them is to elect adults who will stand up them and tell them “no” and ignore their child-in-a-toy-store tantrums and not give in.

6. Adults recognize that individuals are responsible for their own actions. Leftists do not recognize this. The anger on display in Chicago is Trump’s fault in much the same way the Benghzi terrorists were incited by a YouTube video, or the way ISIS behadings can be blamed on climate change. In neither case is the left willing to concede that ideology is to blame. Militant Islam cannot possibly be the result of their religious ideology — except that it is. Nor can the violence of leftist protesters possibly be the result of an ideology which calls on its followers to avoid debate and just shut down speech with which they do not agree — except that it is.

7. You hear it all the time that Trump supporters are motivated by anger. And we are angry because of the way our once-great nation has been run into the ground by Democrats. But we don’t let our anger result in violence, only votes. On the contrary, leftists are the angriest people in America. Despite the fact that their guy has been in office for 7+ years and they have gotten just about everything they want, Democrat voters are still angry. But their anger is routinely excused because all they want is “social justice.”

8. Every time something like this happens, it only results in more support for Donald Trump. All it does is remind us adults that we have to show up at the polls in greater numbers than our childlike, Democrat-voting counterparts. Electing Trump won’t put an end to petulant adolescent leftists, but it will certainly enable us to tell the Democrat politicians who enable them “You’re fired!”


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