I haven’t been to one in 9 years…until yesterday, that is. Our family vacations have typically included a sports venue somewhere. But not this time. This is likely our last family endeavor.

Beaches are curious places, where the ocean meets the shore. There are thousands of miles of them just here in the U.S. But most of us have to drive some distance to get there, as they only exist in certain locations. You can’t just build a beach. Some people live by them. Others just vacation there, like us.

What is it about beaches? I guess it depends on the person. Whatever allure there is depends on your tastes. For me it’s the sound of the sea and the waves as they roll in and also marking the tides. But it’s also looking out to the ocean where the world drops off and you realize the water doesn’t end until the next continent. In between is seemingly limitless water and all the creatures that live underneath. The sheer size is overwhelming and you only see a tiny fraction of all that is.

And then there’s the sand. Wet sand is almost as hard as asphalt. There’s the seashells, evidence of all the aquatic life you can’t see from the beach but you know it’s there.

And should a hurricane ever make landfall here, it can level in a day what man has spent years to build up. 



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